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1 on 1 Touch

A liberating experience! This deep work through multiple layers of tensions will reduce chronic pain, muscle adhesions, improve body alignments and allow freer movements.

I use my hands to interpret bodies and experience the power of touch every day. Every day is different because every individual is different. Through TOUCH, I create a dialogue between my hands and the body I am working on.

The key to relieving chronic pain is often to release the harmful physical patterns that lead to this dysfunctions and replace them with healthier ones by reducing unnecessary tension in the soft tissues in the body.

Once misalignments observed, I propose my client's strategies and tools. As the results of their implications for their whole physical structure as well as their extended body-mind, my clients feel empowered and rejuvenated.

During the 1 on 1 treatment, Annie will create a dialog between her hands and your body.

1 on 1 Move (Reconnect)

Connective Tissue builds and heals slowly. A partial tear can take many months to heal.

Since childhood, and over time, our postural habits slowly became lodged in our fascial system and structure. Once this happens, we get locked in certain patterns and these shape us and write into our brain.

Our repeated gesture transforms itself as a habit and the brain pics up the data after 100 000 times. The conditioned gesture will then mould our posture as we are holding them for long times.

It shapes your fascia, your biological net. It will be engrained into your nervous system. It reaches your psychology as well creating imbalanced structure, putting certain muscle groups into a state of chronic tension.

Reducing unnecessary tension in the soft tissues in the body has tremendous implications for our whole structure — not just our physical organization, but our extended body-mind as well.

Change yourself by changing your patterns. Released harmful physical patterns that lead to this dysfunctions, and replace them with healthier ones.

BMS Move helps us to move out of stuck patterns, and because it works into the structure of the body as well as the structure of the habit the neurology of the posture.

In these treatments, Annie will help you turn back time. Let's build up the White Tissue.

BMS Touch Group Workshops

In a world where we’ve never been so connected, we’ve also never been so disconnected from ourselves. Body-Matrix Specialist Touch is a profound connection that focuses on awareness, deep listening, and openness at your fingertips. 

Unsatisfying communication is epidemic in our society: in relationships between spouses, parents, and children, among neighbours and co-workers, in civic and political life, and between nations, religions, and ethnicities. 

Whenever you feel that words are limiting your communication, use this wonderful connection tool, touch. The hand has the ability to be the extension of the heart. 

Could the power of touch be the answer to changing the state of world peace? 

This is a contemplative practice, where we commit of the cultivation of self-awareness and compassion.

BMS Move Group Workshop

It’s no secret that your posture influences the way you perceive yourself. It can affect your attitude, feelings, and commitment to self-improvement or a fitness goal. With mindful movements and creative touch. Get ready to expand, create space and become bolder. Organically expend yourself by changing your inner patterns by releasing the harmful physical habits that lead to these dysfunctions, and replace them with healthier ones.

It's about opening your best self forward and showing it. So let's move like Jagger! A self-care session that will reconnect you and your body and, rewire your brain. Good posture can make you look taller, broader and stronger, and it can make you feel more confident and capable. Also, it can even improve your mood, reduce back pain and decrease stress.

Let's get physically unstuck, boost our posture, reduce the tensions and improve our agility with mindful movements and creative touch. Get ready to expand, create space and become bolder. A self-care session, that will reconnect you and your body and, rewire your brain.

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BMS offers a range of packages to help you connect with your body, mind and spirit.  


Let Annie help you reconnect with your body and develop a renewed sense of freedom.

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