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I had the very divine pleasure of working with Annie this last year and she has been outstanding and beneficial in improving my overall health and helping me by improve some re-occurring neck pain. Annie’s approach to my holistic health was evident the very first day we met and her hands-on approach was immediately comforting and soothing. Her knowledge is outstanding and she quickly shows you how to alleviate your pain and improve whatever is hurting. I noticed considerable improvement after working with Annie and I found her techniques helpful and easy to implement into my busy life. Her care an attention to my improvement is evident in all that she does and her exercises have become a part of my everyday life.

I am extremely gratefully for all that Annie has done for me and I have a noticeable improvement in my condition. She has a gift in her healing modalities and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to live life feeling connected and happy with their state for physical being. Many Blessings,


Motivational Speaker, Designer & Founder of Lotus Liners. CEO of Lotuste, Philanthropist, Just Give World Tour

“Humpty Dumpty was never put back together with more grace and mindfulness. A magician’s hands and a master’s knowledge, Annie soothed the trauma of my dislocated shoulder better than any doctor I had previously sought. Her expertise, experience, and enthusiasm make her a stand-out self-care wizard.”



I worked with Annie Lebrun in Stuttgart following a Periacetabular Osteotomy of my left hip. I had been in physical therapy for almost 6 months following my surgery and was still struggling with basic walking and function.


Annie worked diligently with me on every aspect of my recovery. She not only pushed me hard to work on my exercise program, but also realized exercise alone would not be enough and performed scar tissue mobilization and other fascia related work. I highly recommend Annie Lebrun based on her extensive knowledge of the human body, high degree of empathy and innate ability to work with each patient at their own pace to fully heal the body.

Katie Kuchlbauer Cavanaugh

Annie’s hands know how to go to deep listening and unwind painful spots in the body. She is also very deeply skilled at teaching you skills to balance your body and have higher health. I highly recommend Annie to anybody who has pain in their body and wants to feel better. 

Lottie Cooper, MA,

inspirational counseling, healer, life/business coach


Annie is a world class artist of her craft. I met her in a large crowd of successful entrepreneurs and was immediately struck by her presence, passion and bright eyes. She intuitively knew I had a shoulder issue without me even saying anything, and proceeded to take care of me over the next few days with massages, advice and information about my lingering pain.

Annie did all this with no monetary or other expectation of return. My shoulder feels much better today and I would recommend Annie for any and all afflictions you may have in life, from fascia massage, to other therapeutic treatments, to simply a warm conversation.

Annie is a wise and an excellent healer. Thanks Annie! 


founder, bright eyes

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