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Myofascial therapy – Annie Lebrun

As a massotherapist and personal trainer, I am passionate about Fascia.

Fascia is a network of collagenous fibers that permeates and connects different parts of our bodies, including our muscles, bones, and organs. Also, it plays a significant role in transmitting force throughout the body and is, therefore, critical for flexibility, elasticity, and superior performance. Unfortunately, it can also cause body’s restrictions if it’s gummed up, get stiff and being restraint by scar tissues.

Fascia tissue is essential to every move we make! So Move It or Lose It!

I have scanners in my eyes and fingertips. Everybody is a book and I am here to tell their stories. My mission: touch the world, spread oxytocin and make it move better.

Myofascial therapists work with clients to understand the trigger points within the body responsible for pain; it goes beyond traditional massage. While Myofascial therapy is also a soft tissue therapy used for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain, myofascial release focuses on reducing pain by easing the tension and tightness in the trigger points. Where traditional massage therapy focuses on musculature and soft tissue, myofascial treatments focuses primarily on the fascia and other connective tissue.

Why touch?

Intuitively we know that touch is essential for connection, for healing and for our wellbeing.
It is also essential for success and high performance.

A recent study in the USA showed that waiters who connect with their clients through a simple touch, for as little as 0.4 second, can increase their tips by 17%. The University of Illinois tracked physical contact between players during NBA games and noticed the more on-court touches earlier in the season, the more successful the teams were; with touch predicting performance across all NBA teams.

We know touch increases collaboration and is an indicator of strong bonds between people.
It is why the work of massage therapists, masseurs and bodyworkers is so important; even essential to maintaining your wellbeing.

Why move?

The ‘Text Neck’ is on the rise – a condition often brought on by bending over phones and tablets for several hours at a time-.  

And this is one of many poor posture disturbing trend invasions.

Research suggests that smartphones users spent an average of four hours a day staring at their device – resulting in up to 1,400 hours a year of excess stresses on the cervical spine. Shocking X-rays show teenagers and children as young as seven developing hunchbacks and abnormally curved spines because of an addiction to smartphones.

As a Myofascial Bodyworker and Manual Therapist, I am concerned:  the average age of my patients seems to get younger every year, and they consult for spinal problems and muscle problems that had typically only been prevalent in adults.

Here’s our remedy: music, body consciousness, and movement.

My approach

My approach is simple, yet often overlook by other therapists. A challenge for any bodyworker is to see their client. To observe, feel, detect, and proactively take action.

I start with listening; first to the client, and then to their body. Listening to their concerns and watching how they move and use their body, I gain a sense of their restrictions. Then, through my hands, I feel how the body is moving and how each element, muscle, fascia, joints are interacting and working. I allow my hands to guide me.

At every stage, I communicate with the client. Asking questions, engaging their whole body in the process.  I build rapport and trust, such that the clients feel safe and relaxed. This allows me to explore and uncover their areas of concern and pain; and then correct these.
The professional relationship between the massage practitioner and client is fundamental to the success of the treatment. The ability to communicate; understand, and to empathize are indispensable. This relationship allows your clients to trust and for you to give value and credibility to the professional relationship.

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