Lebanon Stole My Heart Again.

I came back from my second visit to Lebanon. Presenting Body-Matrix Sessions again at the MBH Retreats in Douma and Beirut, have been extraordinary and filling experiences.  

My mind and heart are filled with memories from bursts of sunshine, seashores, landscapes, smiles, new encounters, deep conversations and life’s celebrations. Since I am back, I needed to let the images sink in and embodied them. 

It is always a blessing to observe how as many we are, we are humankind. No matter how far I travel, in which country I find myself, bodies will reveal themselves if we are willing to listen to them. 

Thank you, #Mayssam Saliba and #Rosa Maria Kallas for your trust for this other MBH Retreat’s journey and your commitment to contributing personal development. 

Thank you, #Lourdes Aldanondo, from MindTouch, for sharing your passion for human touch and for spreading your vivid energy. 

I am sending hugs to all MBH participants. Keep moving and rolling your tennis balls. 😉