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Ignite your Life for Women.​

35 inspiring stories to create success in every aspect of your life.

By JB Owen, Rusti L. Lehay with forward by Lisa Nichols.

A phenomenal book to help change the life of EVERY woman.

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Ignite Your Health and Wellness

35 inspiring stories telling that you have the power to transform your health and wellness. 

By JB Owen, Alex Jarvis and Annie Lebrun with forward by Marisa Peer.

A phenomenal book to help change the life of EVERY woman.

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Ignite Your Life for Women will take you on an epic journey as each author describes the “IGNITE” moment that catapulted them forward and transformed their lives.

Through this book, you will discover your own powerful “ignite” moments and feel motivated to take action. This book offers:

  • Thirty-five heartfelt stories of perseverance, determination and overcoming odds.
  • Insights in all areas of your life from Personal Growth, Business/Finances, Health/Wellness, Relationships, Parenting and so much more.
  • Inspiration to pursue your dreams and go after your greatest desires.
  • Actionable tips and tools to improve Ignite your life.

Why Ignite Your Life?​

Ignite Your Life is a movement designed to spark change while creating togetherness and camaraderie.a When one person steps into their true gift, that gift grows and benefits many. When many unite in positivity, the world becomes a better place for everyone.

Through the collection of awe-inspiring stories, by exceptional individuals, we desire to Ignite that change on a global scale. We aspire to catapult your life and help you find your true passion.
We believe we can inspire and motivate the leaders in their community, business, and families.

If we grow positivity, positivity will grow.


These books are collection of stories from amazing people striving to live their purpose and share their passion

Every story is designed to have readers up moving, doing and creating change immediately.

This book includes action steps, written by each author – of the tangible things they did to reclaim their lives and skyrocket their success. It motivates the reader to take action and accomplish long-cherished dreams.

“Ignite” moments are those life-altering moments of decision we remember profoundly, yet recognize their impact only after becoming consciously aware of the long-term effects.

Recognizing our ignite moments helps us see ways we can improve and redefine our current experience. Authors came together to produce this book with the hopes of igniting other women to uncover their amazing potential and live their most spectacular lives

"Very inspiring and heartwarming. A wonderful read of real women who faced their worst nightmares and challenges and found their real selves in the process. A book that will strengthen your belief in good and inspire you to find and love yourself. A must read!"
Julie S.

As you read this book and see some of the remarkable stories and challenges

that people have overcome, you will know that the human body and mind is

incredibly powerful and this book proves just what is possible in the area of

optimum health and total wellness.

Marisa Peer

international therapist and Founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy ™ (RTT™)

I invite you to deep dive into these stories. Light a candle or dim the lights. Crawl under your favorite quilt or make yourself a comforting cup of tea. Now, you are ready to enter into the realm of 35 exceptional women, who have each found that ‘Ignite’ moment in their lives. Many of these women are just like you. Their journeys have been personal and even difficult at times. Some of their learning has come wrapped in sandpaper and tested them to the very core. Yet, all have fostered wisdom, created hope and stepped into a greater version of themselves by overcoming their greatest test.

read more in the book…

Lisa Nichols

Speaker, Author, and CEO of Motivating The Masses.com

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