Hello 2020

It is with tremendous love and gratitude that the Team at Body-Matrix Specialist end the 2019 season with love and well wishes for all of you…As you all know, 2019 has been a magical year: it rocked. 🚀 Two book collaborations and internationally facilitating seminars and workshops! 🤩 

Thank you for showing up and asking for more. In 2019, Body-Matrix Specialist’s mission EXPANDED, reaching many new followers ON THE MOVE and impacted others in outstanding ways. While travelling to Lebanon, Croatia and Germany, my purpose became clear – to help people to empower their lives by uplifting their posture, upgrading their health and energy and shifting their lack of flexibility and mobility.


While co-authoring two books: Ignite Your Life Women and Ignite Your Health and Wellness, writing highlighted my purpose to a deeper level. As the Body’s Ambassador, I am determined to unravel what is physically holding us back. My desire is to see people stand up (from their chair and couch) and become the BOLDER version of themselves they can.