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I believe the hand is an extension of the heart. It is through touch, that we can give, and receive.  Our hands allow us to communicate our words, emotions, and ideas and interpret the environment.

In a world where we’ve never been so connected, we’ve also never been so disconnected from ourselves. I reconnect the people I touch with their true selves, their soul purpose, and their body. 

Using bodywork and coaching as my medium, we transform the body, mind, and spirit, creating inner freedom and wellbeing, showing people how to become in tune with their authentic self.

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Get your body moving

Fascia & Foam Rolling Course

This online course is ideal for individuals looking to reduce pain and restrictions within the body.  Utilizing a foam roller & tennis ball, this program covers effective and safe myofascial release exercises to get you moving.

This comprehensive program includes 15 videos demonstrating simple and effective exercises to release pain, improve stability, mobility and overall your body function and movement


* What is fascia, and it connects the entire body.
* How to release the plantar fascia to improve mobility.
* Key trigger points and how to release them using the large foam roller and spikey (or tennis) ball.
* How to correctly perform stability and mobility exercises.

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