Building A Resilience Shield and Tool Box in 5 Steps

Who doesn’t have this feeling of being bombarded with the pandemic overload of news and information? It becomes challenging to KEEP OUR COOL. 

Unless we are proactive, this can lead us to feel as though we have less and less control. However, we need to recognize that in all the challenges we face in life, we can always choose how we wish to respond.

Action VS Reaction

One is the search of CONTROL when we have absolutely NO CONTROL, and the other attitude leads toward the capacity to choose how we ACT instead of reacting.

The difference: mindfulness

Reacting means, we follow somebody else’s choice, we are responding to an external stimulus. Acting: we are aware, we make a conscious decision, we are responsible.


Step 1: Take 5 Breathes

On one side we breathe, the other we don’t. Our brain works best with oxygen.

Step 2: Body Scan

The emotional states are biological responses. Notice if your hands are sweating, your heart pumping faster, a lump in the back of the throat. Do you feel muscles tensions? 

Step 3: Feeling is knowing: scan and pinpointing how you feel

Notice if you are entering or already in the emotional rabbit hole. The expression to get OVER IT means to take a step back, or maybe above. Distantiate yourself from the overwhelming equation by becoming the witness or the audience. Can you snap out of it?

What feelings do you physically feel? Angriness, sadness, frustration, powerless, numbness. And in which body parts? 

Step 4: Acceptance

Acceptance leads to resilience. The world can be tumbling down but not your inner world.  

Step 5: You are not alone

My grandpa always said, “L’union fait la force,” “Unity is strength.” There are moments in our life where we just can’t do it on our own. Talk, reach out, communicate, and if you need help, seek it. It will only make you stronger.