Building A Resilience Shield and Tool Box in 5 Steps

Who doesn’t have this feeling of being bombarded with the pandemic overload of news and information? It becomes challenging to KEEP OUR COOL. 

Unless we are proactive, this can lead us to feel as though we have less and less control. However, we need to recognize that in all the challenges we face in life, we can always choose how we wish to respond.

Action VS Reaction

One is the search of CONTROL when we have absolutely NO CONTROL, and the other attitude leads toward the capacity to choose how we ACT instead of reacting.

The difference: mindfulness

Reacting means, we follow somebody else’s choice, we are responding to an external stimulus. Acting: we are aware, we make a conscious decision, we are responsible.


Step 1: Take 5 Breathes

On one side we breathe, the other we don’t. Our brain works best with oxygen.

Step 2: Body Scan

The emotional states are biological responses. Notice if your hands are sweating, your heart pumping faster, a lump in the back of the throat. Do you feel muscles tensions? 

Step 3: Feeling is knowing: scan and pinpointing how you feel

Notice if you are entering or already in the emotional rabbit hole. The expression to get OVER IT means to take a step back, or maybe above. Distantiate yourself from the overwhelming equation by becoming the witness or the audience. Can you snap out of it?

What feelings do you physically feel? Angriness, sadness, frustration, powerless, numbness. And in which body parts? 

Step 4: Acceptance

Acceptance leads to resilience. The world can be tumbling down but not your inner world.  

Step 5: You are not alone

My grandpa always said, “L’union fait la force,” “Unity is strength.” There are moments in our life where we just can’t do it on our own. Talk, reach out, communicate, and if you need help, seek it. It will only make you stronger.


Boost Your Immune System – Train Your Connective Tissue

Many articles explain why it is crucial to train your fascia, your connective tissue for improving your mobility, peaking performance, reduce body inflammation and decrease pain. 

But did you know you can boost your immune system while doing myofascial stretches and foam rolling?

But what is Fascia? Fascia is the inner webbing, the biological fabric, holding you together. The fascia is everywhere, wrapping every individual cell into a bag, grouping cells into another bag, forming muscles, joints and organs. It organizes our inner suit into layers from the bones reaching up to under our skin. 

The lymphatic system plays an integral role in the immune functions of the body. It is your first line of defence against disease. However, it doesn’t have a central pump to move the fluid like the way the heart pumps the blood. Unlike the heart in the arterial system, the lymphatic system does not have an automatic pump, therefore maintaining fluid transport in the lymph vessels requires activity and movement from us. By enhancing lymphatic flow, you can directly improve your immune response to disease and other ailments. 

Whoever takes care of their fascia system, reduces the lymphatic congestion, and therefore optimizes the immune system as it flushes out the toxins and reduces inflammation in the body.

This week, I invite you to boost your immune response.

MOVE, walk, do myofascial stretch, foam roll.


Hello 2020

It is with tremendous love and gratitude that the Team at Body-Matrix Specialist end the 2019 season with love and well wishes for all of you…As you all know, 2019 has been a magical year: it rocked. 🚀 Two book collaborations and internationally facilitating seminars and workshops! 🤩 

Thank you for showing up and asking for more. In 2019, Body-Matrix Specialist’s mission EXPANDED, reaching many new followers ON THE MOVE and impacted others in outstanding ways. While travelling to Lebanon, Croatia and Germany, my purpose became clear – to help people to empower their lives by uplifting their posture, upgrading their health and energy and shifting their lack of flexibility and mobility.


While co-authoring two books: Ignite Your Life Women and Ignite Your Health and Wellness, writing highlighted my purpose to a deeper level. As the Body’s Ambassador, I am determined to unravel what is physically holding us back. My desire is to see people stand up (from their chair and couch) and become the BOLDER version of themselves they can.


Lebanon Stole My Heart Again.

I came back from my second visit to Lebanon. Presenting Body-Matrix Sessions again at the MBH Retreats in Douma and Beirut, have been extraordinary and filling experiences.  

My mind and heart are filled with memories from bursts of sunshine, seashores, landscapes, smiles, new encounters, deep conversations and life’s celebrations. Since I am back, I needed to let the images sink in and embodied them. 

It is always a blessing to observe how as many we are, we are humankind. No matter how far I travel, in which country I find myself, bodies will reveal themselves if we are willing to listen to them. 

Thank you, #Mayssam Saliba and #Rosa Maria Kallas for your trust for this other MBH Retreat’s journey and your commitment to contributing personal development. 

Thank you, #Lourdes Aldanondo, from MindTouch, for sharing your passion for human touch and for spreading your vivid energy. 

I am sending hugs to all MBH participants. Keep moving and rolling your tennis balls. 😉