About Annie Lebrun

Founder of Body-Matrix Specialist

Touching has been always part of my life. One of my favourite child games was Play Doh! I loved to squish, roll, press, scratch the colourful dough. I imagined how God felt as He created the world. I molded life in different shapes: animals, mermaids, houses, burgers and birthday cakes.

I believe the hand is an extension of the heart. It is through touch, that we can give, and receive. The hand is the chief organ for the sense of touch and it allows us to communicate our words, emotions and ideas and interpret the environment.

As a bodyworker therapist, I use my hands to interpret bodies and experience the power of touch every day. I could be working with a traumatic brain stem injury, a hyperactive child, or a dog with a hip injury, but it never seems like work.  Everyday is different because every individual is different. Through touch, I create a dialog between my hands and the body I am working on.

For over 15 years, I have worked at sporting events, physiotherapy clients, at spas and hospitals. My clients range from athletes and everyday people who present with specific injuries, to anyone who simply wants to get physically unstuck; to improve their mobility, agility, balance, and strength. With mindful movements and a creative touch, I work with people to fix their scar tissue, old injuries and reduce their pain.

When I touch someone, I feel the movement, the rhythms, the density and the restrictions. Like Colombo investigating a crime scene. Led by my hands, I engage all of my senses to uncover any tension and pain points; even ones my clients weren’t aware of.  My secret? I have scanners in my eyes and fingertips. 

In a world where we’ve never been so disconnected, we’ve also never been so disconnected from ourselves.

I believe it is my responsibility, as massage therapist, to re-establish the connection between mind and body of our clients.

My client’s responsibility is to maintain an optimized inner body through MOVEments.

Since Motion is lotion is my favorite mantra, coaching and training my clients self-care tools is my other mission
What You don’t use, you loose! 

Through postural habits,  you shape your inner-self and can damage your wellbeing over the long time.

Because of the therapy and coaching I provide, men and woman feel renewed, rejuvenated and revitalized. After treatment, they leave confident, relaxed and empowered. Understanding and appreciating that I have looked beyond the surface, to uncover the root cause of their pain, and to set them on a path to recovery.

With regular appointments, and a personal commitment to their health, my clients begin to feel powerful again; regaining mobility and flexibility, decreasing stress and finding relief from their tension and pain.
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